10 Creative Hacks to Store your Toothbrush

10 Creative Hacks to Store your Toothbrush

For those who want to add a personal touch to their bathroom shelves, or turn teeth-brushing into a joy for their little nestlings, there is always a way to make it fun. Here are some of the most versatile hacks to store your toothbrush to add style and functionality to any bathroom.

 1. Colorful mugs

One of the simplest ways to spruce up the appearance of your bathroom shelf is to add a couple of vivid mugs to serve as your toothbrush and toothpaste storage. All it takes is waterproof paint or markers, and let your imagination do the rest!

 2. Glass jars

Creative Hacks to Store your Toothbrush

You can fill the jars with interesting pebbles or buttons to give them a twist of fun, and you can embellish them with waterproof paint or permanent parkers. Mounted on the wall or simply placed on the shelf, these jars are a perfect solution for your toothbrushes.

 3. A brush-osaurus

If your little ones won’t mind, you can repurpose one or two of their dinosaur toys as the new toothbrush holders! This time, you’ll need a sharp cutter to make a proper hole on the back of the dinosaur, and you can use a single toy for multiple brushes.

 4. Captain hook

Many toothbrushes nowadays have those little holes on the bottom, which makes them perfect for storing on hooks. There are numerous buy-in-store options available, such as hooks with sticky tape or with suction, and both are perfect and safe for kids.

 5. Vertical wall pockets

Vertical wall pockets

Made from your cotton towels, or store-bought, these comfy storage pockets are also perfect for saving some space on your shelves and around bathroom sink. All you need are a few of those suction hooks to hang the pockets and store everything you need to brush your teeth.

 6. Plastic bottle bottom

When you no longer have use for those plastic bottles, use their bottoms to store tooth brushing essentials. However, to avoid sharp edges, glue some fabric over them and color them to make them look more festive.

 7. Sleek sanitizers

Sleek sanitizers

What can be more perfect than a holder that doubles as your toothbrush cleanser? Pick your favorite design and store your brushes in a UV sanitizer with separate containers for all your family members. If you’re keen on making them more colorful, stickers are always an excellent choice!

 8. Legos

Your kids have a few extra Lego cubes and they’re up for a family DIY project? This is a perfect way to put those Legos to a good use. Make sure to use even pieces for the basis, and the rest can be as quirky and colorful as you’d like it to be.

 9. Retro wooden holder

One of the rising trends for the season is going green – use recycled, sustainable wooden blocks to make your retro toothbrush holder. You can also use a marker, nametags and other fun add-ons to make those a more cheerful addition to your bathroom décor.

 10. Travel-friendly holder

Remember those practical pockets on the wall? In case you are a travel-enthusiast, you can make a single larger pocket with separate sections for each toothbrush. You’ll need a hand towel, a piece of rope or a ribbon for the back, and you can sew the pockets and the ribbon to roll your tooth-care essentials for the next trip!

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