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How to Solve the Most Common Winter Beauty Problems

How to solve winter beauty problems

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Winter? Is it a cup of hot chocolate, snuggling up under a blanket, family time, holiday celebrations, and gift giving? Winter certainly has its charms but there’s an ugly side to it, like many beauty nightmares caused by the cold weather. Here’s some help with the most common winter beauty problems and how to solve them.

Regulate the Humidity in Your Home to beat Winter Beauty Problems

Humidify air for dry skin
Change your personal climate. It happens every year thanks to the unpleasant cold winds and low humidity. They are the main culprits behind red, itchy skin that can make our lives a little bit uncomfortable. Who likes to walk around looking “blushed” the entire season? Nobody! In order to combat this issue we suggest you start by increasing the humidity inside your home. Grab a portable humidifier and bring the humidity up, allowing your skin to absorb moisture from the air. Get your own fabulous Violife Humidifier here!

Generously Moisturize Your Skin to Fight the Winter Itch

Fix dry skin problems during winter

Applying a moisturizer from head to toe is a must during the winter, to prevent your skin from getting dry and itchy. Apply generously and choose a heavier moisturizer just before you go to bed. If you are experiencing super dry skin, then you could go for a layer of hydrating oil and then seal it with moisturizer. Our personal favorites are quality almond oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. Another thing you are probably doing (at least we certainly hope so) is drinking plenty of water, helping your body stay hydrated at all times.

Dry Irritated Hands is a Common Winter Beauty Problem

Prevent dry hands problem

The best way to cure dry irritated hands is to apply lotion, keeping them nice and hydrated. Wearing gloves is a must, but every time you take off your gloves make sure your hands stay hydrated. We also suggest washing your hands frequently to prevent spreading germs—especially during flu season! Applying moisturizer every time you wash your hands may be hard to remember but it will make all the difference between dry irritated hands and nice, soft hands during the winter. If anything, keep heavy lotion next to your nightstand, apply some just before you go to bed and wake up in the morning with softer hands.

Winter is the Time to Hydrate Your Hair to Reduce Irritating Static Hair

Avoid dry winter hairs

This is another irritating reality of Winter. Static electricity in our hair when we put on a hat to keep warm. It’s a case of doing the right thing and getting terribly rewarded for it! But do not despair, there’s a solution for this as well. The reason we get static build up is due to our hair being dry and under-hydrated. To fight this beauty problem, we recommend washing your hair less often in the winter. The natural oils in your hair can actually help to keep it moisturized! Winter is also a time when you should consider using a hairbrush with natural hair bristles and a wooden handle instead of a metal brush. Surprisingly enough, it helps!

Put an End to the Painful Chapped Lips

Fix winter beauty problems with lips

Chapped lips during Winter – yes we’ve all been there! It’s annoying and hard to fix so prevention is probably the better of the two. In order to prevent chapped lips, you should be hydrating with a lip balm. Pick one that’s got nourishing ingredients and avoid licking your lips when outdoors (since licking your lips in combination with cold dry air will make the situation worse). Also if you are adamant about putting an end to chapped lips, we suggest you remember to exfoliate them regularly.