5 Tips to Make your Old Toothbrush your New Beauty Tool

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Aside from keeping your teeth sparkling clean and ensuring a dazzling smile, your old toothbrush can become your new multi-purpose beauty tool. So, in case you were wondering what to do with your old toothbrush, check out our favorite beauty hacks and get even more utility out of it.

1. Get Those Unruly Brows into Place

Use it as an eyebrow shaping tool, better known as – a spoolie. After you’ve filled in your brows with a pencil, use your old toothbrush to soften any harsh lines. Before you start, spray a bit of hairspray on it to get the bristles firm and ready to shape your brows into place. Brush up and away from your nose to shape the brow. You’ll be left with perfectly defined brows and a natural finished look.

Use your old toothbrush for brows

2. Would You Like Some Volume?

Use your old toothbrush for extra volume

If you are looking for volume and big hair, one thing you could do in the hair department with your old toothbrush is to use it to tease your hair. You don’t need a boar bristle teasing brush to tease your hair. It’ll let you easily achieve instant volume. Another great way to use an old toothbrush in the hair department is by using it to apply dry shampoo. To prevent getting an overdose of dry shampoo in your hair, use an old toothbrush to pace yourself while applying.

3. Bohemian Beauties – Embrace Your Inner Free Spirit

use toothbrush for hairstyle

If you are going for a laid-back bohemian look, then this one is for you. Use your old toothbrush to get a roughed-up, textured braid. Once you have put your hair into a polished plait, add a bit of texture by using an old toothbrush, gently brushing the bristles upward. Enjoy a hairstyle that is chic and relaxed instantly. It’s the perfect look for a night out or brunch with your girlfriends.

4. For Totally Kissable Lips

how to reuse toothbrush

Use your pre-loved toothbrush as an exfoliating agent and in return enjoy kissable lips all year long. Apply some regular lip balm and gently start scrubbing the dead skin off by rubbing your toothbrush on your lips in circular motions. This is the most effective way to keep your lips baby soft at all times.

5. Super Clean Nails

Clean nails with your old toothbrush

You don’t need to own a manicure cleaning brush to ensure your nails are perfectly clean. Clean your nails using your beloved Slim Sonic Toothbrush effectively and effortlessly. Just washing your hands frequently is often not enough to get the nails clean, especially after a day of gardening or house-decorating. Any dirt under the nails is not an attractive sight and getting the nails perfectly clean without any professional tools is simple with your old toothbrush. Simply soak your hands and then scrub with your old toothbrush gently and in circular motion with warm water and hand soap. Apply your favorite shade of nail polish and – Voila!

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