6 Reasons to Buy a UV Sanitizer This Fall

6 Reasons to Buy a UV Sanitizer This Fall

Have you ever wondered just how much the cleanliness of your toothbrush affects the health and beauty of your pearly whites? Knowing that there are hundreds of microorganisms residing in your mouth, we can only use our vivid imagination to assume how they transfer and replicate on our brushes.
In order to end the vicious cycle and improve your oral hygiene, science paired with dental experts has jumped in and offered a solution: UV sanitizers. But if you need further incentive, there are at least several crucial reasons to make this handy device your new ally in protecting your smile!

 1. The Germ Destroyer: UV sanitizer

The Germ Destroyer

The primary reason why this invention has taken over the world by storm is its ability to cleanse your toothbrush by removing up to 99% percent of germs.
The simple mechanism of using ultra-violet light is perfectly safe and is designed to target the unwanted microorganisms that are often responsible for jeopardizing your health. Say goodbye to those pesky staph and strep bacteria, as well as E. coli, salmonella and the like!

 2. A Few Minutes for a Lifetime of Health

UV Sanitizer

When you think of those germs lurking in the bristles, it’s difficult to imagine that they can be eliminated almost entirely within a matter of minutes. But that is precisely how UV light works – all it takes is a few minutes of exposure in the sanitizer (sometimes even less), and your toothbrush is ready for the next usage.
And certain sanitizers, such as the Zapi, have very strong UV bulbs that last up to 8000 hours!

 3. Brushing on the Go

Alt Text

If you’re a travel-enthusiast, or you simply need to travel often for business, it becomes even more important to think of your oral health, especially if you visit exotic destinations. New places – new germs!
Travel-friendly sanitizers are perfect because they serve a double purpose. You can use them as storage, and they will simultaneously cleanse the bristles while you’re on the go.

4. A Mighty Immune Supporter

A Mighty Immune Supporter

As soon as this fickle weather of fall and winter takes over, your body is under attack of many different microorganisms, compromising your immune system.
Although the common cold is no boogeyman, sanitizing your toothbrush regularly helps protect you from too much germ exposure, and it can help you prevent unneeded bacterial and viral infections.

 5. No Sharing Needed

No Sharing Needed

When your significant other or your little nestlings catch the flu, it’s very difficult to stay in the safe zone. But keeping toothbrushes in the same holder often leads to transfer of germs, and makes it much easier for you to get sick.
A countertop sanitizer is practical precisely because it has separate chambers for up to four toothbrushes, thus preventing cross-contamination while cleansing all of your family’s brushes at the same time.

 6. Simplicity and Safety

Simplicity and Safety

Finally, much like so many of those plug-and-play gadgets, using a UV sanitizer takes no spectacular know-how, and it’s so simple that your kids can use it safely as well. All you need to do is to press the start button, and the sanitizer will automatically shut off after a designated period of time.

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to safeguard your health this fall, then this convenient device makes your efforts only a single push of a button away!

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    Do you make an ultrasound vibrating or electric brush?

    • Violife
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      Hi Linda,
      We make the world’s best-selling travel sonic toothbrush, and so much more. 🙂
      Find all of our products here: http://www.violife.com

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