Biggest Oral Care Innovations and the Future of Dental Care

Biggest Oral Care Innovations and the Future of Dental Care

The evolution journey of a simple tool such as a toothbrush and our beloved toothpaste has been a long and curious one. Now, as we no longer have to worry about being crushed by a woolly mammoth, and we live in an era of both technologically creative and forward-thinking individuals, we can finally deliver outstanding solutions for oral care.

Digitalizing Dentistry

oral care

It’s all about providing simpler, more comfortable procedures, more accurate, precise techniques with the latest digital impression systems. Images produced with this technology allow your dentist to see exactly the source of your problems, communicate more easily with their laboratory and create a seamless, much more efficient process.
With the added perks of having a 3D printer, they are now able to create lifelike models for each patient, simplifying the diagnosis and treatment altogether.

UV Light to the Rescue

UV Light to the Rescue

Taking dental hygiene to a whole new level, the application of UV light for cleaning your toothbrushes has become the talk of the town. Removing germs and bacteria with a staggering precision of up to 99.9%, these sanitizers are real life-savers for any household.
Made available to anyone, sanitizers should not be taken for granted. They use their germicidal power of UV light to keep your brushes as clean as they can be, helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums, and they even come in travel-friendly form.

Practicality Takes Precedence

Practicality Takes Precedence

Multifunctional gadgets that take up less space and save time, durable materials and cutting-edge functionality is what the future is all about.
Standalone toothbrushes, made to be fun and simple to use even for kids, toothbrushes with built-in mirrors, and sonic brushes that make your hygiene more efficient are all great choices in achieving a bright, healthy smile. Designers keep finding new ways to simplify our daily lives and boost our health more than ever.

Creative Prevention

Creative Prevention

Having so many modern distractions at their fingertips, kids manage to find new ways to avoid caring for their teeth. And there’s no way you could ever convince them that such an activity could be fun. Or is there?
With kids in mind, technology has stepped in and found ways to boost their interest and discipline with regular brushing. All the way from fun designs, cartoon-inspired toothbrush caps, self-balancing rocking brushes, to games and apps that keep them interested, technology has turned a boring chore into a fun activity any youngster will look forward to.


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  • Shellie Clark
    Jul 13,2017 at 1:58 pm

    The biggest invention is the application of UV light for cleaning your toothbrushes.

  • Apr 19,2017 at 5:55 am

    1. Toothbrushes are not packaged in sterile packaging and microorganism are in the air and even in our mouth.

    2. UV sterilization causes mutations in the DNA of the microorganism and this causes the microorganism to not be able to reproduce

    3. I would love to win your toothbrush sterilizer because I have a disability that causes problems with my teeth as well as the medicine I take. Any help to save the teeth I have left would be so awesome.

    • Karen S
      Apr 21,2017 at 3:30 pm

      This would be so helpful! I love how it will keep brushes sanitary especially since theres so much sickness going around. Thank you!

    • Violife
      Apr 22,2017 at 9:48 am

      Hi Stephanie.

      Be sure to go to our Facebook page to enter our giveaway. You can win a Zapi Luxe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer.

      Violife team

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