Don’t Let Red Wine Teeth Ruin your Date Night

Don’t Let Red Wine Teeth Ruin your Date Night

It’s a lovely evening, and you’ve caught the Saturday night fever! So why not loosen up and enjoy a glass of the restaurant’s finest red with your date? When the time comes to powder your nose, you see your reflection in the mirror, and oh my, have you got a fiery smile! Although a fun anecdote to tell your best friend, you’d probably prefer to avoid such a mishap from repeating itself. Let’s take a look at just what you need to do in order to prevent your favorite red wine from ruining your teeth.

1. Say Cheese

Say Cheese

Not only is this a delicious solution, but a highly effective one. The harder kinds are the most beneficial, as they provide a barrier for your pearly whites and prevent the acid in wine from leaving stains.
Cheese is also rich in calcium, a healthy component that keeps your enamel strong. Who knew that wine and cheese make such an incredible couple?

2. Grasp at Straws

Red wine teeth

Don’t mind the look, it’s the function that matters! Ask the waiter to bring you a straw for your wine, as keeping your teeth from ever touching the wine could be the best protection. It’s not ideal, since you’ll deprive yourself of that tantalizingly rich savoring, but your smile will be worth it.
Also remember not to start white and then move on to red. White wine has a higher level of acidity, so it can strip your teeth of their natural protective barrier making it all the more difficult to prevent red stains later on.

3. Brush Before, not After

Brush Before, not After

Once again, your toothbrush is your smile’s best friend! Make sure to brush thoroughly about an hour before you meet your date. It will not only make your breath fresh, but it will also protect your teeth from coloring by removing as much plaque as possible – which is where the red sticks to in the first place.
Then again, brushing immediately after drinking wine can actually damage your enamel due to the amount of acid. You can take a sip of plain water to rinse out the acid residue.

4. Fiber up

Fiber up

Your pungent cheesy friend isn’t the only snack your smile will love. If you’re not a fan of dairy, you can enjoy a plate of various vegetables, such as celery, broccoli and carrots. These wonderful greens are full of healthy fiber and simply nibbling on them will be a natural cleanser for your teeth.

5. Wipe the smile clean

Wipe the smile clean

It’s precisely for these occasions that Ms. Kimberly Walker cleverly came up with the idea of wine wipes. Yes, you’ve read that correctly, there are wipes designed to remove red stains from your smile when none of the above strategies seem to do the trick.

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