Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Things you Didn’t Know

Black Friday deals from Violife

Black Friday and Cyber Monday both guarantee to bring you the best deals of the year whether you are looking to stock up on beauty products and accessories at awesome prices or just getting started on the holiday season gift specials. Throughout the year, deals and savings are the biggest on these two days, but which one is your favorite??

What is the Nation’s Favorite Shopping Day?

According to some theories, Black Friday’s origins go back to the 1950’s, while the 80’s was the decade when Black Friday became widespread as we know it today.. Since then, Black Friday has been a top shopping holiday, thanks to all of us who love supersized sales and awesome discounts! However, its younger sibling, Cyber Monday, has been making a name for itself and is contending for the title of the nation’s number one shopping holiday.

What’s the Deal with Cyber Monday?

There are those of us who don’t enjoy being shoved and trampled on to make that super-discounted purchase on Black Friday. If chilling on your couch with a mug of warm coffee in your hand, or laying in bed all snuggled up while shopping online is more your scene, then Cyber Monday is for you. Cyber Monday offers equally great deals without the trouble of crowded parking lots, long lines, and crowded stores. It lets you find the best deal of the year without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Not having to brave the cold and camp on the sidewalk in a post-turkey food coma makes Cyber Monday shopping a joy.

Any Fast Clicking Fingers Out There?

Mobile shopping is also another ingredient to the success of Cyber Monday. More and more, millions of people are making purchases via their mobile devices. On Cyber Monday you can access the best deals from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Black Friday would require you to get ready, hop in the car, drive, park and line up, while the awesome Cyber Monday sales require fast-clicking fingers. This relatively young shopping day is easily overshadowed by it’s big relative, but these days millions are getting their holiday shopping done without setting a foot outside. Comparing prices for the best deals is easy during Cyber Monday as the next retailer is only a click away. The high discounts in combination with the convenience are what makes Cyber Monday so awesome!

Black Friday Excitement

Black Friday deals at Violife

There are plenty of shoppers out there who get a thrill from taking an early trip to their favorite retailers at the crack of dawn, and counting down until the doors open. For some it’s an adventure and a mission to score the ultimate doorbuster deal. The great thing about Black Friday is that there’s no waiting for the shipping of your purchases or worrying about any shipping costs either. Just pack up your car and your gifts are ready for wrapping as soon as you get back home!

Happy Shopping These Holidays

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two different shopping dates, most of us will indulge on both occasions. Cyber Monday may still be in the shadows of the hype surrounding its older sibling, Black Friday, but this billion-dollar holiday is treading its own path. It’s true that Cyber Monday comes with all the deals, discounts and unbeatable sales without any of the hassle that accompanies Black Friday. Another thing exclusive to Cyber Monday is shopping from your desk. Bargain hunters can snag the best sales during work hours, ok perhaps during lunchtime. However you decide to shop, happy shopping and may the odds of finding the best deal be forever in your favor!

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Violife Partners with Warner Brothers to Create Super Heroes toothbrushes

If you feel like you need superpowers in order to find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list, give yourself a break and fear no more! At Violife we have you covered this holiday season with our Warner Brothers Super Heroes toothbrushes. Ever since we partnered with Warner Brothers, we are super-excited about the holidays.

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Everyone’s Favorite Heroes

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Everyone needs a bit of help finding the right gift, so let our Super Hero sonic toothbrush collection come to your rescue. We wanted to wrap our most sought after item-our stylish electric sonic toothbrush with everyone’s favorite heroes. Our portable sonic toothbrush offers maximum sonic cleaning at home or on-the-go. At the press of a button it produces 22,000 brush strokes per minute, giving yourself and your loved ones a clean, brighter, whiter smile. This ultra popular product is dentist recommended and is sure to completely transform your brushing routine.

Grab a Gift for your very own Batman™, Wonder Woman™ or Superman™


Our Super Hero inspired sonic toothbrush range includes six styles. For the brave BatmanTM in your life, choose between the Batman™ Bat-Signal and the sleek Batman™ Fractal toothbrush edition. Grab the Superman™ Camo or Comic for the man of steel in your life (even Superman™ needs a bit of sonic power to keep that smile radiant!). Select Wonder Woman™ Classic or Gold Lasso toothbrushes for your sister, mother, daughter and/or girlfriend for healthy smiles every day.

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This holiday season, Violife’s collection of Super Hero-inspired sonic toothbrushes is designed especially for those on-the-go. Do you have a family member or a friend who is trotting the globe or multitasking across the city? Gift a super sonic toothbrush that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality. Beautifully designed, inspired by iconic characters, our stylish and portable toothbrushes come with a built-in cap making them perfect for home and travel. Now you can go from your gym to your office to a family dinner, and never risk losing that shiny smile!

Become a Super Hero This Holiday Season


While partnering with Warner Brothers, we created a new line of Super Hero-worthy gifts. Our supersonic toothbrush series showcases an inspiring collection that captures the essence of your favorite heroic characters. These gorgeous toothbrushes are perfectly sized Super Hero gifts, created for men and women of all ages, and as all Violife products, they offer unrivaled performance, style and portability. Compact in size, yet powerful in action, our super sonic toothbrushes are the ultimate beauty gift. Become a Super Hero over the holidays with unique and inspiring sonic toothbrushes created by Violife.

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