How to Protect yourself from Germs while Traveling

How to Protect yourself from Germs while Traveling.

Whether you’re flying for business or taking a relaxing cruise around the Mediterranean, the last thing you need is to catch a cold or flu! Prevention is the key to minimizing the chances of picking up germs. Here are some useful tips that will help you protect yourself from germs and boost your health while on the road.

Get plenty of sleep before you travel

 protect yourself from germs

Lack of sleep leaves us prone to catching colds and it can increase our risk of getting sick. A proper night of sleep before traveling is very important in order to keep your immune system prepared to fight germs, bacteria and viruses. This is especially true during flu season and on long journeys when there are many people around you.

Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and during your travel times. Drinking water throughout your flight can help you get rid of dehydration which can cause headaches, stomach problems, and dry nose or throat. Try to avoid too much caffeine or alcohol while flying, since this will completely dry you out.

Keep your hands clean

Keep your hands clean

As basic as it may sound, washing your hands is probably the best way to cut down on germs. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially if there’s no warm water or soap around. Instead, keep a small alcohol-based gel sanitizer (containing at least 60% ethanol) with you to clean your hands before having a snack. You can also use those handy sanitary wipes to clean tray tables and armrests on planes, light switches and remote controls in your hotel room.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene

Don’t just rely on keeping your hands clean, but your mouth as well! A small mouthwash bottle always comes in handy. It will help keep your throat moist and prevent it from getting all dried out. If you want to make sure your toothbrush is safe from germs as well, we suggest getting our most popular Travel Safe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, with germicidal UV bulb that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Don’t forget your vitamins

Don't forget your vitamins

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that keeps your body strong and healthy and can help prevent a cold. A few days before traveling, take extra vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. It can do wonders for your immune system.

Remember, next time before you set off, take a moment to think about your health and prepare properly so you can spend the rest of your time fully enjoying your getaway.

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