Make Brushing Teeth Fun for your Kids with these Cool Apps

Brushing teeth is an essential habit kids should learn at an early age. However, getting kids to brush their teeth effectively can be very challenging!

Luckily for you, there are terrific free dental apps on the market that not only teach kids how to brush their teeth daily, but also encourage them to brush better and longer. At Violife, we pride ourselves on adding style and cheer to everyone’s dental hygiene routine, making brushing a fun and cool experience. And since it can be especially challenging for kids, a little help from apps can contribute to developing a healthy and fun habit at an early age. So let’s check our pick of best apps for brushing teeth for toddlers:

Brusheez – A Cute Monster Teacher

Brushing Teeth Fun for your Kids


This cool iOS app is specially designed for your beginner brushers. It features a fun animated monster showing them how to open their mouth properly and brush each area of it, not only the four front teeth. While the monster brushes its teeth, your kid needs to keep up with it as the two minute timer ticks down. Plus, kids can change the colors of their monster’s hair, pajamas, and toothbrush.

Brush Up – Meet Budd, a Fun Toothbrush Timer

Teach kids to brush teeth with apps

Budd, the Toothbrush Tutor, is an entertaining character with a huge mouth and a toothbrush who guides your kid all the way through the brushing process. Apart from a fun timer and a catchy song, this app is a big motivator and a true training game that awards your kid with cool prizes every time they finish brushing properly.

Toothsavers – Teach Kids Brushing Teeth with this Fun Game

Fun way to teach kids to brush teeth

This free app will inspire your children to fight cavities thanks to its amazing plot. Your little one goes on a mission to save a kingdom from an evil witch’s spell. The only way to take away the spell is brushing for two minutes so everyone’s teeth won’t be filled with cavities! Toothsavers characters include well-known characters like Pirates, Dragons and even Little Red Riding Hood.


To make brushing even more fun and easy, we suggest Rockee kids toothbrushes from Violife that come with cool handles that fit in little hands, with fun characters such as a duck, cat and dog. The unique rocking design means the toothbrush always stands upright, so there’s no more messy toothpaste on your counter and more fun for your kid all around.

Don’t forget the Bobee kids toothbrush that will make every kid an All-Star player! Even the youngest kids can use it easily!

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