Packing Made Simple: Narrow Down your Travel Checklist

Packing Made Simple: Narrow Down your Travel Checklist

So, you have already booked your hotel and flight and now the only thing that separates you from your perfect vacation is packing your suitcase. Last-minute packing usually means overstuffed luggage, which can be a pain. The key to happy traveling is knowing how to pack smart and travel light. Check out some of our tips that will make your packing efficient and your trip more enjoyable. Check our tips for a Travel Checklist

Make a List

Travel Checklist

To help you narrow down your travel checklist, here are some things you should eliminate from your luggage:

Too many cosmetics and toiletries – Resist the urge to pack an extra foundation bottle or moisturizer. When packing light, consider using travel-sized moisturizers, deodorants, shampoo and other products. Did you know that you can also buy makeup like mascara and lipstick in travel sizes? In case you run out of them, don’t worry – you can always buy more along the way.
Half of your closet – No, you will not need another pair of jeans or three different shirts. Here’s a tip from an experienced traveller: When packing for a big trip, lay out everything you think you want to bring, and then cut it in half! Especially if you plan on going shopping for some new clothes along the way!

High heels – Let’s face it! You won’t wear them. They will only take unnecessary room in your suitcase. Better go with a pair of cute, flat sandals or espadrilles that are way more comfortable to wear and easier to pack!

Jewelry and valuables – Leave expensive jewelry and electronics at home. Not only these are unnecessary, but there’s a risk of losing them. You really don’t need your laptop and your tablet! Just pick one!

Pack Only Essentials

Pack Only Essentials

After you have selected several outfit combinations, shoes and basic toiletry supplies, make sure to keep these all at hand:

– Passport
– Tickets/boarding passes
– Cash/cards
– Mobile phone
– Charger
– First aid kit
– Toothbrush

Bon voyage!

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