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Christmas Season: Perfect Gifts for Your Family and Friends

Christmas Season: Perfect Gifts for Your Family and Friends

The Holiday season is well under way with Christmas season looming ever nearer. Christmas spirit is in the air, and the joys of giving and sharing between friends, family, and all of those dearest to your heart will culminate on that faithful Christmas Eve.
While happiness, devotion, vows, and promises of love everlasting between friends, family and lifelong lovers will be shared on the two festive days, it’s also important to think about the presents you are going to give as well. Here are five Christmas and Boxing Day gift ideas your friends and family will love.

Beard Grooming Set

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There is nothing a man loves more than taking care of his carefully grown, shaped and trimmed mane. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can help the man in your life achieve the look he has been going for this whole time by getting him a Beard Grooming Set.
The set will entail a smart electric trimmer, beard and mustache combs, oils and pomades full of nutrients to feed the hair and the skin underneath. Soon enough, his manly mane will be glistening with health and vibrancy.

A Beauty Set for a Pearly Smile

A Beauty Set for a Pearly Smile

There is nothing better than giving your loved ones the gift of obtaining the pearly set of whites they always wanted! But rather than getting them a simple toothbrush and some oral care essentials, you want to make this gift stand out from the rest.
With a Black Limited Edition Beauty Set form Violife containing an electric toothbrush, a compact mirror and a handy hair trimmer, the ladies in your life will have everything they need to nurture a pearly smile on the go.

Essential Oil Diffuser for a Healthy Home

Essential Oil Diffuser for a Healthy Home

A humidifier is an essential gift that will find a prominent place in every home due to its healthful properties. A step up from a traditional humidifier is the Essential Oil Diffuser that allows refreshing and soothing aromas to permeate a home.
The Oil Diffuser will help prevent dry and stuffy air and eliminate germs that lead to common conditions during the winter months, such as the flu. It will also help keep the skin hydrated.

Light Therapy Mask for Skin Rejuvenation

Light Therapy Mask for Skin Rejuvenation

Whether you are thinking of the women in your life or even you dad, everyone can appreciate a quality skin rejuvenation product. Rather than going for the traditional skincare set consisting of oils and face creams, opt for a more modern solution.
A Light Therapy Mask is a wonderful gift that uses LED lights to battle acne, has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, and is completely natural. Use the different colors to achieve your desired results!

Christmas is nearly here, and with it comes the joy and of giving and sharing with the ones you love. Be sure to make this Holiday season memorable by choosing these gifts for those dearest to your heart.


Our Gift Guide for this Holiday Season

Holiday gift guide 2016

Having trouble finding gifts for everyone on your list? Maybe you still need a few neat ideas to make it through?

Worry not. We have put together our ultimate Holiday Gift Guide to help you choose the perfect present. Our criteria for choosing gifts this Christmas and Hanukkah is simple. Make sure it’s beautifully designed, practical and has a focus on health and well-being. Having set those rules, let’s start exploring the perfect gifts for the people in you precious circle of family and friends.


Super Hero toothbrushes,  Gift Guide

Let’s face it, Sometimes it’s not that easy to find the perfect gift for the teenager in the family. Here’s our ultimate gift suggestion for teens with gifts that teens actually want. Our Super Hero Sonic Toothbrush Series are practical, health-focused and super cool. Our range of DC character-inspired Super Sonic Toothbrushes come with real sonic power. Give your teenager a Super Hero toothbrush including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and they’ll be smiling before and after they brush!.


Personal Misting Humidifier

With our humidifier travel kit, we have a perfect gift for all the moms out there. During the winter months when the air gets dry, humidifiers help put moisture back in the air. Our soothing personal humidifier creates a comfortable environment preventing itchy, dry skin and ensuring a good night sleep. It’s something all moms will appreciate. Violife’s Personal Humidifier is available in a complete portable KIT which means that your mom will be taken care of both home and away. It comes with a water bottle and a travel case. Show how much you appreciate your mom by giving her this thoughtful and very useful Christmas and Hanukkah gift from Violife.


Rockee kids toothbrush

If you are trying to be practical when it comes to gifts this holiday season, especially for the little ones, Violife has put together a unique toothbrush collection which makes brushing teeth fun for kids — whether it’s for your own children, your nieces, nephews or grandchildren. This Christmas, they’ll love Violife’s Rockee toothbrush. They come in fun colors and super cool characters. This bright, cool toothbrush will make both you and your kids smile. Parents love it because their children love brushing with Rockee. The ergonomic handle makes it fun and easy to use for kids of all ages. It rocks, wobbles and spins yet it doesn’t tip over, always standing upright. No more messy toothpaste on your bathroom counter! It comes with two extra replacement brush heads for months of brushing!


Silverberry beauty gift set

Our very elegant Silverberry limited edition beauty-to-go kit is fit for even the most discerning beauty addicts. Cased in a chic cosmetic pouch, it’s the ideal companion for today’s busy lifestyle. Do you have a lady in your life who is super busy with work and life, or maybe a globe trotting entrepreneur or constantly multitasking across the city? Gift her this beauty travel set this holiday to show her how much you care. She will love this comprehensive beauty set because it doesn’t compromise on style or functionality. Best of all, it includes our Slim Sonic Toothbrush. You can rely on Violife for the best beauty gifts and fashionable travel accessories.


Lunar Eclipse grooming set

Why not gift the men in your life Violife’s amazing Lunar Eclipse grooming set? This is our limited edition travel toiletry set and includes a battery operated toothbrush, nose hair trimmer and nail clipper, all perfectly contained in an elegant cosmetic case, making it easy for him to bring on his travels. This elegant travel set for men is perfect for all the gents out there. Gift the Lunar grooming set to the men in your life and ensure they look their best!