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Try out These Natural Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Try out These Natural Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Are you familiar with that common dread so many summer lovers share? It’s the fear of ordering your favorite icy cocktail, knowing your teeth will go into a freezing frenzy over the sudden change of temperature. But you’re not alone! Many winter nights by the fire are also ruined by a perfectly hot cup of cocoa for the very same reasons.
In the name of all ice-cream fans and those who like their morning cup of joe, here are a few natural remedies you can use in your home to ease your sensitive teeth troubles.

 1. Fun-up your Zesty Drinks

Fun-up your Zesty Drinks

If you love your lemonade, kudos to you for choosing the most vitamin C-rich beverage there is! However, the high acidity levels corrode your enamel, thus making your teeth become more sensitive. To minimize exposure to acid, use a straw when you sip your fruity refreshments.
Avoid unhealthy sodas and large amounts of sour fruits as well, but if you do eat them on occasion, use some water to rinse out the acid, but don’t brush immediately afterwards. It’s safe to use your toothbrush about an hour after your sour treat.

 2. Turn to Coconut Oil

Turn to Coconut Oil

A technique known as oil pulling, or swishing a spoonful of coconut or sesame oil in your mouth for a few minutes, has shown some effectiveness in reducing sensitivity. However, bear in mind that this is by no means a replacement for your daily dental routine.
You can start your morning by oil pulling for a few minutes to reap its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory rewards. It can help reduce plaque and harmful bacteria in your mouth, but make sure you follow the right technique – swish, spit out and rinse!

 3. The taste of Sea

The taste of Sea

Using a salt water rinse is a very gentle, yet powerful way to restore the pH balance of your mouth, and its antiseptic properties don’t allow the damaging bacteria to survive. As a result, your teeth are stronger, less exposed to these negative pests, and the pain will subside.
Mix two teaspoons of sea salt into a cup of warm water until dissolved, and then rinse your mouth twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime.

 4. Smelly, but Effective for sensitive teeth

Smelly, but Effective

Garlic might not be your favorite choice, but its anesthetic and antibacterial properties make it one of your best allies in fighting sensitivity. You can use it by making your own paste with one crushed garlic clove, a bit of warm water and some sea salt. Apply the blend to the affected area and rinse after a few minutes.
The same can be said for onions, a slice of which you can apply directly to your sensitive teeth, take out after a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Bonus tip: the smell of garlic and onions can be removed by chewing on some parsley.

 5. Adapt your Habits

Adapt your Habits

For long-term teeth health, and reduced sensitivity, you can use a soft toothbrush, replace it regularly, and opt for a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. Plus, use a gentler approach while brushing – too much friction can aggravate your pain.

Finally, regular check-ups with your dentist, brushing and flossing mixed with these natural remedies can significantly help with your sensitivity troubles. Stay consistent and get ready for another season of hot cocoa, pain-free!