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Tooth Fairy Traditions – what does the molar myth look like around the world?

We shape our daily routine around them, we clean them, floss them, chew with them and check them for lipstick and food bits, tear open a bag with them when nobody’s looking. Our teeth are valuable to us, both in how they look and how we use them. It’s no wonder a tooth fairy would pay big bucks for them.

Throughout human history and across cultures, some interesting traditions have cropped up to accommodate the superstitions and celebrations surrounding the loss of baby teeth and the new gap for big-girl-and-boy teeth.

The United States & Canada

Let’s start with the enigmatic fairy. Who is she and where did she come from? And is she a ‘she’ after all?

The Tooth Fairy appeared in earliest written records of Norse in Northern Europe (almost 900 years ago), rewarding children when they lost their first tooth. Over the years, her payment, much like the number of presents Santa leaves, has increased but depends greatly on the country, family economic status and the average their friends receive. The fairy could perhaps use a business course.


Cha-ching Children! How much is she paying this year?

On average in the US, the tooth hoarder slips an average of $5.70 under your child’s pillow for the first tooth. After that, she leaves $4.13 per tooth on average. Bulk price, makes sense. Her price is in a slight slump in 2018, dropping 2 pennies from last year’s averages.

Canada went all out in embracing this tradition, and our fairy friend has her own money now. The Royal Canadian Mint began selling Tooth Fairy Quarters in 2011. After reading this, they’ll see they need to update those to Tooth Fairy dollars – quarters aren’t cutting it anymore. As you can see below, the fairy has two very different looks, but the Canadians are not the only ones who haven’t settled on what she looks like.

Wherever you look, there are fewer consistent descriptions of the Tooth Fairy than of Santa or the Easter Bunny. According to surveyed fairy customers, 74 percent thought she was female, 12 percent thought it was genderless, and 8 percent thought that he or she could be either male or female.

Spain, Latin America, and other parts of Europe

The Ratoncito Pérez (Pérez Mouse for the English speaking) is celebrated in Spanish-speakingcountries. Endearingly nicknamed Raton Pérez, the mouse will leave a gift, not always money, for the lucky child who just lost their tooth. Sometimes Mr. Pérez, in his great journey for the treasure, is deemed thirsty and so the tooth is left in a glass of water, which he drinks before scuttling off with the tooth. In many cultures, mice and rodents are admired for their strong ever-growing teeth, and Spanish and Hispanic cultures are not alone in wanting to associate these lucky creatures with their children’s teeth.

In Italy, we can find Topolino, also a mouse, who undertakes the Tooth Fairy’s normal tasks, and similarly in France la petite souris, ‘the little mouse’, purchases these toothy treasures. In parts of Scotland, the traditions fused and we can hear of a white fairy rat who buys the teeth with coins.

India, China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam

In some Asian countries, the child who lost their teeth throws it onto the roof if the tooth fell from the lower jaw, or if it came from the upper jaw they will throw it underneath the floor or home.While tossing their tooth, the child yells, asking for the tooth to be replaced with the tooth of a mouse (That’s right, we have not finished with the mice. The tooth fairy is feeling a little outnumbered right now.) This harkens back to how rodent teeth grow for the entire creature’s life and the gesture symbolizes health, strength, and longevity. In India, the child sometimes buries their teeth underground by a big tree.

The Japanese have finessed this tradition and throw their teeth straight up or down depending on where the tooth came from. This is in hopes that the tooth will grow straight. Ever the leaders in style.

Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and Sudan

Similarly to the Asian countries, theatrical throwing is involved in these Middle Eastern countries. This time, the tooth is tossed upward toward Allah, although this tradition may predate Islamic tradition and emerged around when tooth fairies sprung in Europe in the 13th century.


Another animal gets a shot at partaking in the ceremony in Mongolia. Dogs are fed the child’s tooth (they make the tooth palatable with some fat or food). This special treat, woefully unappreciated by the dog, is in hopes that the child’s new tooth will grow to be as strong as the dog’s.

It seems that wherever you look, there’s a bit of tooth envy. While having the strength in your teeth of a mouse or a dog is impressive, there’s nothing quite like looking after the teeth you do have to keep them strong. Brushing is a start, brushing with stylish sonic toothbrushes, even better. The little ones can start this tradition early, and what better way than with the fun and effective Rockee Kids Toothbrush?



From Violight to Violife

From Violight to Violife

Our History

Fifteen years ago, a successful entrepreneur from New York City was reading a popular gadget catalog. He discovered a product he had never seen before. It was a household appliance that eliminated bacteria on one of the most widely-used items in the world: your toothbrush. The product in the catalog used ultraviolet light to kill germs; a technology used in hospitals, water treatment plants, and food preparation, but was hardly used in consumer goods.

Immediately, our entrepreneur had two thoughts. First, his business mind concluded that everybody brushes their teeth. Potentially this was a product for the masses! Second, his creative side knew that he could design a better looking version that people would be proud to put on their bathroom counter. You see, the appliance he found in the catalog was truly an “appliance”. All function, but no form. In fact, some would say the device was rather ugly.

He found electrical engineers, microbiologists, and product designers to help him build a UV toothbrush sanitizer that was beautiful, effective and affordable. After about a year of research and development, he asked me to join him. I had just sold my first company and I was looking for my next business adventure. I had a notion that this partnership had potential. You see, there was some history between us. Our entrepreneur is my dad.

A Company is Born

A Company is Born

On a spring day in 2004, in my suburban New York basement, we officially incorporated **Violight** and set out to build a few thousand UV Toothbrush Sanitizers. By that time, everything about the product was super cool. The world-renowned designer [Philippe Starck] furnished a sleek, beautiful toothbrush holder concept for the shell. The ultraviolet technology inside was tested and proven to kill 99.9% of germs on toothbrushes by the infamous NYU School of Dentistry. We built a small website with a Paypal shopping cart, and called a few catalogs to see if they would carry the item. We contacted a friend who had a small warehouse in New Jersey, and another friend who had some PR connections to help get the word out.

Onward and Upward

Onward and Upward

The Violight Countertop UV Toothbrush Sanitizer (item #VIO100) was in production, just in time for Holiday gifting. Our hard work paid off in ways we could only dream about: TIME magazine named our sanitizer “One of the Coolest Inventions of the Year”, and Ellen Degeneres wanted 300 units for her ’12 days of Christmas’ audience giveaway. We were on our way!

As you can imagine, we outgrew our little basement office and needed to come up with more products, more distribution, and a bigger team to help us push forward. The next iteration was the Violight Travel Safe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer (item #VIO200)…designed with the same 99.9% germ-killing effectiveness as our countertop product in a convenient, portable case. Perfect for hotels, toiletry kits, office drawers, gym bags, and anywhere you take your toothbrush.

Fast forward a few years, and we were pioneers in UV personal care. Our next best seller was the Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, designed with bright colors and characters, to express your personal style while offering the same health benefits that made Violight famous.

What’s Next?


After our focus on UV, we had a good handle on what made us successful: products that had great functionality with a unique sense of style. From the start these key factors helped us stand out. So we set out to bring these core values to other products that people use everyday. Our next item became our best seller, the Slim Sonic toothbrush. This little marvel had sonic power to rival the best power toothbrushes on the market. It’s price tag was under $20, and it came in dozens of trendy colors and patterns. Its mascara-style cap and compact size made it perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Soon we added other travel items like our personal humidifier and design-driven beauty accessories to the mix, and all of a sudden we weren’t just a UV company anymore.

A New Name

A New Name

The name Violight suited us well for many years, but sales of our new items were outpacing our UV sanitizers. Our products were part of our customer’s healthy, on-the-go, fashionable lifestyle. The ‘light’ in our name only pertained to a small portion of our product mix. It was time for a change.

We needed a name that would be recognizable to everyone that knew us, but reflect the new brand we had become. **Violife** was the perfect, natural evolution from **Violight**. We changed our name in 2013, refreshed our packaging and website, but kept our logo identical to make sure everyone still recognized the company they grew to know and love.



We’ve come a long way from our highly-styled UV sanitizers to our first set of solid-color Slim Sonic toothbrushes. Today, Violife products are sold in over 20 countries around the world, and we partner with some of the top retailers here in the USA.

Our products keep getting better through improved technology, great design, and higher quality than ever before. In 2017, we introduced Slim Sonic Basic. It’s the world’s first fashionable sonic toothbrush, and truly affordable at just $9.99! We hope you are as excited as we are about the next iteration of our growth. Since day one we have fostered a company with a great sense of family, fun, hard work, and amazing products. With millions of happy customers all over the globe, we are happy to share our Vio-‘life’ with all of you!

– Jonathan Pinsky
Cofounder and CEO


Simple Hacks to Make You Look and Feel Beautiful while on-the-go

Simple Hacks to Make You Look and Feel Beautiful while on-the-go

Looking good while traveling can sometimes be difficult to master. Long trips can often make us feel worn-out and uncomfortable in our own skin. If you want to keep your looks on point and your spirit high while on-the-go, check out our ultimate guide for travel beauty tips. We’ll help you stay and feel beautiful without sacrificing too much of your time and comfort!

Keep it fresh with moisturizer

Keep it fresh with moisturizer

A rule of thumb: Moisturize! You’ve probably read this a million times, but in order to look radiant, you have to give your skin what it needs! Investing in good moisturizers that are oil free and rich in Vitamin E is the key to preventing puffiness and skin dehydration.
Additional tip: Pack a hydrating facial spray to refresh your skin!

Wear minimal make-up

Wear minimal make-up

When it comes to make-up, stick to the basics: BB cream, neutral shades of eyeshadow, black mascara and highlighting blush. Instead of a long-lasting lipstick that can make your lips chapped and flaky after a while, choose a tinted lip balm to add some color and softness to your dehydrated lips.
Additional tip: Avoid creamy eye shadows to prevent creasing!

Keep your hands off your face

Keep your hands off your face

Avoid touching your face while you travel. We’re all aware of the fact that hands carry numerous bacteria, and touching your face can only result in skin problems upon arrival to your destination.
Additional tip: Use antibacterial hand sanitizer or wipes in case you need to fix your makeup.

Dry shampoo for instant hair refreshment

Dry shampoo for instant hair refreshment

If you have oily hair, dry shampoo is a must-have hair product for your travel purse. It soaks up grease, volumizes your roots, and leaves hair smelling fresh. It’s super easy to apply and totally worth it to stay fresh and cute while traveling.
Additional tip: Tie a high pony or a high bun to fight frizzy hair.

Dress comfy yet trendy

Dress comfy yet trendy

When traveling, it’s so important to feel comfortable in your clothes. But it doesn’t necessarily mean sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. Find simple and easy ways to incorporate style into your journeys and you’ll see how comfort and fashion can go hand-in-hand. As for the shoes, stick to flats, ankle boots or sneakers.
Additional tip: Don’t forget to bring layers in case you get cold.

Hopefully these tips will help you look and feel flawless on your next trip!


Manual vs. Electric Toothbrush

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrush

With so many options to choose from, deciding on the right style of toothbrush can present a conundrum. Are you juggling between a manual and electric sonic toothbrush? You may be asking yourself which brush cleans better or which one is right for you. Let’s demystify the dilemma and help you make an informed decision.

Sonic Cleans Faster and Better

Sonic Electric Toothbrush Cleans Faster and Better

Not wanting to keep you in any further suspense, an electric toothbrush provides the most thorough cleaning. Here come the figures that support that. With up to 22,000 brush strokes per minute, sonic toothbrushes are an awesome tool at removing dental plaque. Manual brushing with a regular brush will deliver only about 300 to 600 movements per minute. Sonic toothbrushes offer a lot more power for a lot less effort and a more thorough cleaning.

Electric Wins Again

Electric Wins Again

Doctors across the country have agreed that if you are looking for the most effective clean then you’ve guessed it – the sonic toothbrush wins again. In fact, studies have shown that it reduces dental plaque by more than 11% when compared to the manual toothbrushes. It is the easiest way to get your teeth clean and most effective indeed. As owners of sonic toothbrushes already know, it’s so easy to get it right—you simply let the electric toothbrush do the work for you!

Check this out

Manual vs electric toothbrush: This will help you make your decision


Helping Maintain Great Oral Hygiene

Helping Maintain Great Oral Hygiene

People with disabilities, arthritis or anyone unable to clean all surfaces of their teeth with a manual brush can benefit greatly from using an electric toothbrush. If you have difficulty brushing manually, a battery operated spinning toothbrush provides a convenient way to thoroughly brush your teeth at a press of a button. You simply place the brush inside your mouth and let the electric motion do the work, providing a thorough clean while maintaining good oral hygiene.

Attractive and Affordable

Attractive and Affordable

Although manual toothbrushes still remain significantly cheaper than electrics, the evolution of electric toothbrushes has made them more affordable and attractive. Electric toothbrushes may have been a luxury item many years ago, but these days they are perceived as affordable and a small yet great investment. This and other mentioned benefits are making the electric toothbrush more and more popular. Keep brushing and smiling!


How to Protect yourself from Germs while Traveling

How to Protect yourself from Germs while Traveling.

Whether you’re flying for business or taking a relaxing cruise around the Mediterranean, the last thing you need is to catch a cold or flu! Prevention is the key to minimizing the chances of picking up germs. Here are some useful tips that will help you protect yourself from germs and boost your health while on the road.

Get plenty of sleep before you travel

 protect yourself from germs

Lack of sleep leaves us prone to catching colds and it can increase our risk of getting sick. A proper night of sleep before traveling is very important in order to keep your immune system prepared to fight germs, bacteria and viruses. This is especially true during flu season and on long journeys when there are many people around you.

Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and during your travel times. Drinking water throughout your flight can help you get rid of dehydration which can cause headaches, stomach problems, and dry nose or throat. Try to avoid too much caffeine or alcohol while flying, since this will completely dry you out.

Keep your hands clean

Keep your hands clean

As basic as it may sound, washing your hands is probably the best way to cut down on germs. Sometimes this can be difficult, especially if there’s no warm water or soap around. Instead, keep a small alcohol-based gel sanitizer (containing at least 60% ethanol) with you to clean your hands before having a snack. You can also use those handy sanitary wipes to clean tray tables and armrests on planes, light switches and remote controls in your hotel room.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene

Don’t just rely on keeping your hands clean, but your mouth as well! A small mouthwash bottle always comes in handy. It will help keep your throat moist and prevent it from getting all dried out. If you want to make sure your toothbrush is safe from germs as well, we suggest getting our most popular Travel Safe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer, with germicidal UV bulb that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Don’t forget your vitamins

Don't forget your vitamins

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that keeps your body strong and healthy and can help prevent a cold. A few days before traveling, take extra vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. It can do wonders for your immune system.

Remember, next time before you set off, take a moment to think about your health and prepare properly so you can spend the rest of your time fully enjoying your getaway.


How to Solve the Most Common Winter Beauty Problems

How to solve winter beauty problems

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Winter? Is it a cup of hot chocolate, snuggling up under a blanket, family time, holiday celebrations, and gift giving? Winter certainly has its charms but there’s an ugly side to it, like many beauty nightmares caused by the cold weather. Here’s some help with the most common winter beauty problems and how to solve them.

Regulate the Humidity in Your Home to beat Winter Beauty Problems

Humidify air for dry skin
Change your personal climate. It happens every year thanks to the unpleasant cold winds and low humidity. They are the main culprits behind red, itchy skin that can make our lives a little bit uncomfortable. Who likes to walk around looking “blushed” the entire season? Nobody! In order to combat this issue we suggest you start by increasing the humidity inside your home. Grab a portable humidifier and bring the humidity up, allowing your skin to absorb moisture from the air. Get your own fabulous Violife Humidifier here!

Generously Moisturize Your Skin to Fight the Winter Itch

Fix dry skin problems during winter

Applying a moisturizer from head to toe is a must during the winter, to prevent your skin from getting dry and itchy. Apply generously and choose a heavier moisturizer just before you go to bed. If you are experiencing super dry skin, then you could go for a layer of hydrating oil and then seal it with moisturizer. Our personal favorites are quality almond oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. Another thing you are probably doing (at least we certainly hope so) is drinking plenty of water, helping your body stay hydrated at all times.

Dry Irritated Hands is a Common Winter Beauty Problem

Prevent dry hands problem

The best way to cure dry irritated hands is to apply lotion, keeping them nice and hydrated. Wearing gloves is a must, but every time you take off your gloves make sure your hands stay hydrated. We also suggest washing your hands frequently to prevent spreading germs—especially during flu season! Applying moisturizer every time you wash your hands may be hard to remember but it will make all the difference between dry irritated hands and nice, soft hands during the winter. If anything, keep heavy lotion next to your nightstand, apply some just before you go to bed and wake up in the morning with softer hands.

Winter is the Time to Hydrate Your Hair to Reduce Irritating Static Hair

Avoid dry winter hairs

This is another irritating reality of Winter. Static electricity in our hair when we put on a hat to keep warm. It’s a case of doing the right thing and getting terribly rewarded for it! But do not despair, there’s a solution for this as well. The reason we get static build up is due to our hair being dry and under-hydrated. To fight this beauty problem, we recommend washing your hair less often in the winter. The natural oils in your hair can actually help to keep it moisturized! Winter is also a time when you should consider using a hairbrush with natural hair bristles and a wooden handle instead of a metal brush. Surprisingly enough, it helps!

Put an End to the Painful Chapped Lips

Fix winter beauty problems with lips

Chapped lips during Winter – yes we’ve all been there! It’s annoying and hard to fix so prevention is probably the better of the two. In order to prevent chapped lips, you should be hydrating with a lip balm. Pick one that’s got nourishing ingredients and avoid licking your lips when outdoors (since licking your lips in combination with cold dry air will make the situation worse). Also if you are adamant about putting an end to chapped lips, we suggest you remember to exfoliate them regularly.

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