Electric Toothbrush Head Replacement: The Ultimate Guide

Toothbrush Head Replacement: The Ultimate Guide

So you have bought yourself your first electric toothbrush. Congratulations, you have made one of the best choices for the future of your oral health, and now it’s time to find out when and how you should replace and maintain the head of your toothbrush.

Simple enough as it may seem at first glance, caring for your electric toothbrush is important, as it is an investment into the future, and is a field where many people fail to adhere to the proper procedures. This leads to diminished results, and it can impact the longevity of your toothbrush. Here is how you can do it just right.

When to replace and how to care for your electric toothbrush

When to replace and how to care for your toothbrush

As a general rule of thumb, a toothbrush needs replacing every three months. However, this rule will vary depending on your toothbrush maintenance and storage habits. A typical toothbrush head can last much longer than three months at a time. However, if you keep it too close to the toilet and don’t put it back into the container after every use, you are shortening its lifespan significantly.
By using a toothbrush sanitizer you can extend the effectiveness of your toothbrush and you will only need to replace it when the bristles have lost their structural integrity. Additionally, be sure to clean your container once a week and keep your toothbrush away from the toilet, as germs travel through the air whenever you flush.

Replacing the head

Replacing the head

When it comes to replacing the head of your electric toothbrush-, you want to make sure you’re doing it right in order to get the most out of your product.
Fortunately, this is a pretty straightforward process. Firstly, be sure you’re not pulling the head straight off the brush, as it won’t detach that way. The electric toothbrush has a unique mechanism, so you will need to hold the base of the toothbrush with one hand, and pull up its head with the other by twisting it counterclockwise.
Take the new head, place it in the same spot, and rotate it clockwise until the notches have slid into place. You should hear a familiar click, acknowledging that the head is in place, locked and secured, and ready for use.

Regular toothbrush care and replacement is essential in maintaining a pearly smile that not only looks good, but is also healthy to boot. Be sure to use these simple tips and you will have no problems maintaining your oral health for years to come.

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